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Frequently Asked Questions

Leather can be damaged by exposure to extreme heat, sunlight or moisture. Ideally you should keep your bag in a fabric dust bag and then store it in a cool, dry, dark place. Leave plenty of space around the bag and wrap buckles and zippers to prevent them marking the bag. You may wish to stuff the bag with acid free paper in order to maintain its shape. 

You’ll need honey or another type of sweetener like stevia, sugar, or agave to make the simple syrup. Use the same amounts if you are substituting the honey.

Simple syrup is made from one-part water and one-part sweetener. You can see how to make simple syrup in this video, click here.

Store uncooked boba pearls in the freezer to keep the freshness if you aren’t immediately using them.

Keep unused tea leaves in a cool and dry place.


Here is our return policy, click here. However, if you don’t want to read all the boring legals just email us (support@bobaathome.com), we love to help you resolve this quick and easy.

We ship in the US.

Shipping in the US is free for all DIY boxes and orders over $25

All orders ship from a central distribution center; therefore, shipping times differ slightly depending on the country in which you place your order.